Tuesday, May 17, 2011

She of the Well-Toned Arms

Last week, Martha MacCallum filled in on various shows. She went bare-shouldered on many of them.

Few newsladies can pull off the sleeveless look better than Martha, as the above caps show.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Courtney Friel Makes Her Return to Red Eye

Courtney Friel made her return to FNC's Red Eye early Wednesday morning.

When asked by Andy Levy how she lost her baby weight, she replied, "Lots of Ab News."

It's nice to see the lovely Courtney back in action.

Robin Meade to Host Charity Concert on CMT

Robin Meade will be co-hosting a benefit concert on CMT tomorrow night, according to a press release from HLN posted on Inside Cable News.

Robin will be joined by ESPN's Erin Andrews and comedian Ron White.

The concert was organized to benefit the victims of the recent storms in the South.  All funds raised will go to the American Red Cross.

CMT will televise the concert live tomorrow night starting at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT, and HLN will re-air it on Sunday at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT.

Robin will also be reporting from Nashville tomorrow and Friday on her show, Morning Express.

(Cap credit to Christopher from Hi-Def News Caps)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Q&A with Liz Claman

Trader Daily has a Q&A with FBN's Liz Claman.

Liz talks about her recent interview with business titans Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates.

It's unfortunate that I do not get FBN.  It means that I miss out on ladies like Liz and Gerri.

(Cap credit to tdubya68801 from Wide World of Women)

(article found via Johnny Dollar's Place)

Q&A with Gerri Willis

WNBC's Julie Menin interviewed FBN's Gerri Willis on her show, Give & Take.

The interview covered a range of economic issues.

(Cap credit to SceptreX42 from Wide World of Women)

(video found via Johnny Dollar's Place)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Julie Banderas Reports on the Purple Heart Forever Stamp

On the weekend edition of the Fox Report yesterday, Julie Banderas reported on the unveiling of the new Purple Heart Forever Stamp.

The stamp is intended to honor those who were killed or wounded in America's wars.

It should be a crime for Julie Banderas to have so little airtime.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Women of TV News Cover the Kentucky Derby

The 2011 Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, and some of the women of TV news are in Louisville, Kentucky, to cover the event. And as the caps below show, they brought their big hats-a Kentucky Derby tradition-with them.

FNC's Courtney Friel was reporting from Churchill Downs in a floral-print dress and white hat.

The Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams was also there, but sporting a much more subdued wardrobe than Courtney:  A pink ensemble and a black hat.

Whether their fashion is gaudy or muted, the ladies of TV news will be sure to impress in Kentucky.

(Courtney cap credit to Cody from Wide World of Women)

(Stephanie cap credit to Wizard from Wide World of Women)