Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Could Morning Joe Move to CBS?

Mediaite's Colby Hall writes about the possibility of Morning Joe jumping networks from MSNBC to CBS.

This is the key paragraph of Hall's post:

So would Morning Joe and Mika help change CBS fortunes? Maybe, but they would probably have to change the show significantly from its primarily insider political buzz to appeal to a broader audience. But in the end, CBS demonstrated that they could change the entire morning anchor team without really changing the ratings so they may decide that with a bold move like this, they really have nothing to lose.

Also, what would a move to CBS do for MSNBC's morning ratings?  Morning Joe has been beating CNN's American Morning on a regular basis.  Would the loss of Joe and Mika send MSNBC back into last place?  Likely.

(Cap credit to Art Vandeleigh from Wide World of Women)

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